How Penny Boards Are Taking Over

penny board

During the past few years, penny boards have amassed a huge popularity among children, teenagers and young adults. What used to be a trend in the past, is now coming back to life with more interest than ever.

Unlike your regular skateboard, a penny board is much smaller in size, but has bigger wheels. This is a board that is practically designed to take you around your favorite spots, around your college campus, or just about anywhere else you can find a smooth surface. Due to its smaller size and bigger wheels, this is a board that is not made to be used for tricks or drive up ramps like a regular skateboard.

The penny board is something much more compact that can be taken almost anywhere, and better than having to carry around a 31 inch regular skateboard. Measuring at about 22 inches in length, penny boards are suitable for almost any age. Small children will enjoy riding around a board that seems perfect for their size, as well as full grow adults that want to have fun. A good quality pennyboard should be able to withstand a weight of up to 200lbs, and be able to ride with ease.

Overall, a penny board can be the perfect way to drive around town, or use as your first board to learn how to skate. Always have fun and remember to wear a proper helmet and take safety precautions when skating.